Markets for CDM credits

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), which launched its trading platform in 2003, it is the only U.S. emissions cap-and-trade market for all six greenhouse gases. It has four affiliated exchanges: European Climate Exchange (ECX), Insurance Futures Exchange (IFEX), Montreal Climate Exchange (MceX) and Tianjin Climate Exchange (TCX) in China.

Climex is a spot internet based CO2 exchange, giving you direct access to the European CO2 market. It is an easy to use, secure, transparent and cost effective way to trade EU Allowances. Climex ensures complete legal, financial and administrative processing of your transactions. Any operator in the EU Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme can become a trading member at no cost, no risk. It is claimed that Climex is the biggest pan-European trading platform, and it is open for membership registration.   

Bluenext is a European carbon exchange that offers spot and futures contracts on EUAs and CERs.